Forklift Tracking

Automatically record the locaiton of the pallet

Does your workspace spend too much time to manually record the location of the pallet? With our forklift tracking solution, you can automatically to record the location of the pallets without attaching extra tag on the pallet in real-time.

How it works

The battery powered tag is attached on the top of the forklift and it can last 1 year to change the battery. Anchor receives the UWB signals from the tag and transfer it to the gateway to calculate the location of the tag in real-time. The location can be delivered to your local network or internet through the API.

Benefits of the Breadcrumb UWB forklift tracking

Reduce man-made mistake

The pallet locaiton will be recorded automatically based on the real-time forklift location

Enhance working efficiency

Staff is not asked to manually record the locaiton of the pallet

Less maintenance

One year battery asks less maintenance from your support team. Low battery alert keeps job on schedules

Easy integration

Local or cloud based API server supports different apps scenarios

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