In-store Staff Assistant

Enhance your operational and staff performance.

Location aware trolleys open up many possible applications for improving operational performance. In the same way that GPS enables mobile applications such as Google Maps and Uber, our precise indoor location system opens up applications such as trolley management, queue management, and online order fulfilment. We call this our "In-store Staff Assistant".

Online order fulfilment

It is now commonplace for supermarkets to offer “click & collect” and “door to door delivery” services. Bringing this additional convenience to customers is great, but it comes at a cost. It takes time for staff to fulfil orders, and while an experienced staff member might know the location of a particular product, do they know the optimal route to collect a basket of products?

Our In-store Staff Assistant plans the optimal route (think Google Maps), and the staff member simply needs to follow the path to collect the products in the most efficient order.

Trolley management

Disbanded trolleys

Disbanded trolleys block aisles and impact traffic flow and customer experience. Our In-store Staff Assistant monitors the movement of every trolley, so if one stays stationary for 5 minutes a notification (with the location of the trolley) will be sent to staff.

Trolley theft

Every year trolley theft costs supermarkets tens of thousands of dollars. How to stop it? If a trolley moves outside a predefined digital fence, our In-store Staff Assistant can be set up to send a notification (with the location of the trolley) to staff.

How many trolleys do you really need?

A supermarket certainly doesn't want too few trolleys, but it makes no sense to have too many either. So what is the optimal number? Our In-store Staff Assistant records the use of every trolley, and with this data it can reveal how many trolleys you really need.

Queue management

Our In-store Staff Assistant monitors every trolley so can report queue numbers and wait times. But not only that, it can also predict in how many customers are going to checkout and when. With this type of real time information at their fingertips, a supervisor can manage staff and checkouts much more effectively.

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