In-store Customer Assistant

Offer digital experiences to your customers and add convenience, confidence, and fun to their shopping experience.

Breadcrumb's In-store Customer Assistant is a new communication channel between the supermarket and customers. It can offer a range of customer facing applications such as wayfinding, shopping path optimisation, shopping list fulfilment, locating promotions, and other fun stuff like gamification (e.g. treasure hunt).

How it works

Scan, Use, Quit. No hassles.




Our In-store Customer Assistant is a web-based application. To use it, a customer doesn't need to install anything, and there's no need for a registration process. Let's look at an example. A customer needs to find a particular product. First, she scans the QR code on the handle of her trolley, prompting the application to appear in her web-browser. The location of her trolley is now linked with the customers phone. She searches for the product and the application shows her its location and the optimal path to get there.

Benefits of In-store Customer Assistant

For your customers

No installation & registration

There is no need to install any applications. Anytime a customer has a need for location based services, they simply need to scan, use and quit.

No privacy worries

We do not require customers to install and register an app. We track trolley sensors - we do not track their phone. Their phone is just the interface to receive services on demand.

For supermarket / head office

No development & maintenance

You do not need to develop and maintain your own indoor location-based services.

Extra communication channel

You can use this extra channel to deliver more services and improve experience of your digital customer segment.

Got your own in-store app or smart trolley?

API intergration

No worries. We provide two options to deliver indoor location-based services through your own customer facing applications and devices. The first option is to use our API to develop your own location-based services. The second option is to integrate the entire In-store Customer Assistant into your existing application.

In-store Customer Assistant lite

Would you like to quickly deliver digital experience to your customers without the need to install hardware or develop and maintain your own applications? The "lite" version of our In-store Customer Assistant gives you ability to achieve your goal in just weeks.

The lite version has the same function as the In-store Customer Assistant. The only difference is the lite version gets a location via shelf QR codes - rather than via a real-time trolley sensor location.

For supermarket

No installation & maintenance of hardware

No development & maintenance of software

No floor plan with dimensions required (the lite version uses relative position but not direct position)

Extra communication channel with your digital customers segment

For your customers

No installation & registrations

No privacy worries

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