Reception Dot

Are you struggling to know who is in your office at any given time?

With more people working from home, it’s harder than ever to keep track of staff coming and going. And most systems are unreliable due to tail-gating or a reliance on staff to remember to check in and out.

Reception Dot is a smart office device that automatically and accurately checks people in and out, and displays who is in the workplace and where they are in real-time on a web-based dashboard.

Plug & Play

Just plug Reception Dot into any socket and you’re good to go

Reception Dot scans the Bluetooth signal of the Staff Card every second. The signal is used to check employees in and out, and display who is in the workplace in real-time. When more Dots are plugged into different office rooms the Dots can report the location of staff.

In/out status board plus much more

These applications are developed based on real-time staff presence and indoor location. Enhance employee working experience and protect them during this post pandemic period.

Applications Basic

Staff presence


Staff presence & indoor location

Automatic In/out Status Board
Contact Tracing / People Clustering
Attendance Report
Evacuation Map

with real-time staff indoor location

Panic Alarm
Indoor Temperature Monitor

Choose the right services

Basic: If your office is on a single floor, and you only want to get employee real-time presence status, basic would likely suit you.

Plus: If your office is spread across multiple floors, and you want to enable indoor location based services, plus would likely suit you.

Hassle free set-up and no hardware to purchase

Our price model keeps everything as a service, including hardware. So, you don’t need to pay a heavy up-front fee, and you won’t get stuck with out of date hardware.

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