Exhibition Evaluation Kit

With an Exhibition Evaluation Kit you can base your decisions on fact rather than on subjective exit interviews.

Don’t just rely on what visitors say - get insights from what they actually do.

All-in-one exhibition evaluation solution

Cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, and libraries need to meet changing visitor expectations and stay relevant. Knowing your visitors is an essential part of building your audience and planning your services.

Questionnaires and face-to-face exit interviews can be useful, but on their own, they are unreliable and provide only limited insight. Labour-based observation is expensive, inefficient, and results in important decisions being based on small and fragmented data sets.

With Breadcrumb’s indoor positioning infrastructure you can view individual or aggregated visitor behaviour - uninterrupted and accurate to around 10 - 30cm. Your Exhibition Evaluation Kit will enable you to track visitors and link their visiting path data to their exit interview. It is the combination of their actual behaviour and their reported preferences that provides deep and reliable insight.

How it works

An Exhibition Evaluation Kit includes two parts. The first is hardware, which is our centimeter-class indoor positioning infrastructure. The second is our Data Dashboard.

During the evaluation period, when a visitor enters the exhibition a staff member explains the research, requests their participation, and hands them a tag. Following their visit, a staff member conducts an exit interview. Scanning the tag’s QR code (on the back of the tag) automatically links the exit interview answers to that visitor’s walking path data.

You can login to the Data Dashboard to access a range of visualisations and data insights. Visiting path data can be viewed individually, aggregated, and even in real time. You can filter and analyse data by exit interview inputs (e.g. age, gender, nationality, etc). When you write your evaluation report you can generate charts and visualisations to support your findings.

Benefits of the Breadcrumb exhibition evaluation kit

Understand actual behaviour

Our platform captures a huge amount of customer behaviour data. Base your decisions on fact rather than on subjective exit interviews.

Save time and effort

No other method will provide such rich data within such a short amount of time.

Engage visitors

According to our experience visitors are more than happy to carry a tag, and are more engaged during the exit interview process.

Accurate heatmaps

Our positioning is so accurate that you will even discover which side of a table is more popular.

Combine data sets easily

Combining what visitors did (visiting path) with what they said (interview) brings you deep insights.

More time for analysis

Now that data collection is fast, and generating visualisations is easy, you can focus more time on the important stuff - analysis and business improvement.

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