The Breadcrumb positioning solution enables applications across two broad areas - enhancing customer experiences and enhancing organisational performance. Common use cases are outlined below. However, with an indoor positioning solution that achieves ~10cm accuracy, the only limit is your imagination.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Indoor navigation

With 10 - 30cm accuracy the Breadcrumb solution offers genuine blue-dot indoor positioning. This means that digital maps can include turn-by-turn directions, making wayfinding simple and stress free.

Personalised or thematic routes

With accurate indoor navigation it becomes much easier to offer personalised experiences, relevant to a user's profile and preferences. Offer a 60 minute "highlights tour" to a busy museum visitor, or help a customer tick off their shopping list with an optimal shopping route.


With a UWB solution you have the accuracy required to build exact geo-fences. When a user moves inside a geo-fence they can automatically receive content based on their precise position. A museum can deliver an audio guide in front of a collection item, or a hospital could be alerted if a patient moves from their bed.

proximityadvertising System

UWB tags can be inserted into shopping carts or baskets, making it easy to push timely and targeted offers to your customers based on their exact position. Increase conversion rates and sales by being more relevant and driving customer engagement. With the Breadcrumb platform retailers can send notifications when a customer is in front of a specific product, highlight offers or suggest paths to related products.


People enjoy shared experiences. With our solution multiple tags can be grouped, and then people can be identified as a group and be displayed together on a digital map - in real time. There are many possible use-cases, such as families or school groups in a museum, teams in a work setting, or assets of a certain type in a factory.

Social network integration

People love to share content with friends and family. With location aware digital experiences a visit to an event, museum or art gallery becomes a social experience. Visitors can share their position and experience through popular social networks - gaining exposure for the venue at the same time.


Indoor geo-gaming, such as augmented reality, requires precise indoor positioning. With the Breadcrumb technology event organisers and cultural sector institutions can offer compelling digital gaming experiences to drive visitor numbers and deepen engagement.

Enhancing Organisational Performance

Deep data

Gain deep data insights by tracking customers, employees, and assets - and make decisions based on fact. Let us help you turn data into strategy, and optimise revenue and operational efficiency. Applied data and analytics is critical for any organisation looking to stay ahead.


Analyse data in real-time or through reports, and create visualisations such as heat maps. The Breadcrumb platform captures a huge amount of customer behaviour data, and it is all available for manipulation or download through our Data Management System.

Asset Tracking

As well tracking people, the Breadcrumb technology can be used to track assets. An art gallery can place tags on the back of paintings, and a hospital can locate equipment quickly in an emergency response scenario. Tracking machinery and assets in factories can greatly improve operational efficiency.

Safety & security

Real-time visibility enables organisations to improve staff safety and security. With the Breadcrumb platform it is easy to geo-fence no-go areas and push warning notifications. Alerts can be raised when a tagged asset or person leaves a defined zone.

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