Build innovation on precision indoor positioning

At Breadcrumb we develop world-leading indoor positioning solutions. We want to change the way your organisation thinks about the possibilities of indoor location based services.

For organisations that want to stay ahead of the pack

There are a huge number of applications that you can build on top of our indoor position technology. Through accurate indoor positioning and data collection, our solution enhances customer experience while at the same time enhancing organisational performance.

Enhance customer experience

Accurate indoor location awareness changes everything. Customers and employees can locate themselves on interactive maps, find their way with turn-by-turn directions, and enjoy content or special offers based on their exact location.

Possible applications of 10cm accuracy are only limited by your imagination.

Enhance organisational performance

Gain deep data insights. Track visitors, employees, and assets - and make decisions based on fact. Analyse data in real-time or through reports, and create visualisations such as heat maps.

Let us help you optimise revenue and operational efficiency. Applied data and analytics is critical for any organisation looking to stay ahead.

How it works

Our indoor positioning system uses radio technology called ultra wideband or UWB.
Our platform offers everything you need to bring location awareness to your building.

Benefits of the Breadcrumb UWB platform

Here are just some of the benefits that UWB has over other indoor positioning technology.


Genuine blue dot positioning with accuracy of 10 - 30cm. Compared to 2 - 5m for beacons and wifi.

Real time data

Monitor 1000+ tags in real time, with real time analysis and reporting.

No interference

Exclusive 6.35 to 6.75 GHz frequency range means no interference with other wireless communication devices.

Fast update rates

Position update rate of up to 20 Hz. Fast enough to track sport athletes.

Long battery life

Very low power consumption reduces maintenance hassle and cost.


Data transfer via UWB is secure, because it can't be intercepted by a personal device.

Industry applications

Our solution can add value to a wide range of organisations across many industries.

Cultural institutions such as museums and art galleries need to meet changing visitor expectations, and smart digital experiences play a part in this. Understanding their visitors is crucial, and deep data insights don't come from old fashioned paper surveys.

Retail businesses can use indoor positioning to offer wayfinding and enable proximity marketing, while at the same time collecting valuable data on customer in-store behaviour.

Hospitals can track patients, medical staff, and expensive equipment. Understanding where and how people move throughout a hospital helps management allocate scarce resources. Industrial applications include asset tracking, warehouse management, and factory optimisation.

As well as galleries, warehouses, and much, much more.

Know exactly where your customers, your staff, and your assets are at all times, and in real time.

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