IoT Trolley

Building innovation on a shopping trolley


Arming your trolleys with precise location awareness enables a huge range of operational and customer experience benefits. 

Increase revenue

Translate your in-store traffic patterns into actionable revenue metrics. Read more.

Enhance performance

Increase staff performance with trolley management, queue management, and smart online order pick-up. Read more

Improve customer experience

Offer digital experiences to your customers and add convenience, confidence, and fun to their shopping experience. Read more

How it works


A set of anchors creates the location infrastructure for tags to be located and tracked. Anchors gather signals from tags, and then send timestamps to our cloud based location engine via Wi-Fi. Anchors are typically fixed to the ceiling, and are connected to standard mains power supply. When 5G arrives, Wi-Fi will be replaced by a 5G station nearby. 


Breadcrumb tags can be installed on the handle or basket of the trolley. The tags track location in real time, with a high level of accuracy. Each tag has a unique ID and emits UWB pulses that are received by anchors.


Anchors and tags are configured and managed via our web-based management system. Our location engine & API server are hosted on the cloud. Our services, (Machine Learning Supermarket Simulator, In-store Customer Assistant and In-store Staff Assistant), are all delivered through a web application.

Benefits of Breadcrumb IoT Trolley 


One installation for all services 

We offer IaaS (Infrastructure as a Services) as our pricing model, and all our services can be accessed by annual subscription.

Installation & maintenance

Easy trolley integration 

It's easy to attach our trolley tags, so you're up and away quickly with precise location awareness.

Long battery life 

Very low power consumption reduces maintenance hassle and cost.

Data privacy

No customer privacy issues

Because our platform is tag based, we don’t require access to a customer’s smartphone (it is the trolley tag being tracked, not the phone).


Data transfer via UWB is secure, because it can’t be intercepted by a personal device.

No interference 

Exclusive 6.35 to 6.75 GHz frequency range means no interference with other wireless communication devices.



Genuine blue dot positioning with accuracy of 10-30cm. Compared to 2-10m for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Real time

Monitor 1000+ trolleys in real time.

Always online

Our trolley tracking is continuous and uninterrupted. This is different from other systems that rely on a customer’s smartphone (once a user turns off their phone all tracking is lost). So, for data analytics a tag based system has huge advantages.


We provide an API so you can build precise location awareness into your own applications.

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